How your teas get Flavoured

One of the most common questions we get asked all the time is how tea get flavored. By the end of this blog post, you would understand the different techniques tea blenders use to add flavor to their teas. First, let’s define a few techniques that are used in the process of flavored teas.
Inclusions: This is when blossoms, dried fruit, herbs, or spices are blending with the teas to give it a visual effect or a lift in flavor.
Extracts: This method, as the name suggests “extracts” essential oils from leaves, fruits or roots of other plants and incorporates that into the tea.
Nature-Identical: Because of the extremely high cost of natural flavoring. Tea blenders are increasing the use of “natural-Identicals”. These flavoring agents are extracted from natural substances with the help of chemical synthesis. The end product has the same chemical structure as the “ natural” flavor.
Artificial Flavours: This type of flavoring is produced by altering the chemical structure of naturally occurring molecules to create a more intense and less expensive flavoring process.
A lot of tea blenders use a combination of these techniques to give you a tea a full flavor body cup of tea. For example, our top seller Creme earl grey tea uses a combination of inclusions ( Blue cornflower) for visual effects and extracts ( Vanilla bean powder ) to create the distinct flavor our customers love.