Matcha smoothie from a former Starbucks employee

When I used to work at Starbucks back in the college days us “partners” came up with this delicious and healthy matcha smoothie drink. After I left the company to pursue my own dreams in marketing and entrepreneurship that’s when I created Nevaeh's teas. We aim to provide you with premium Canadian teas at fraction of the cost at your local café. Today I’m going to share that recipe with you so you to can enjoy a little Starbucks favorite at home.


3 tea spoons of premium matcha – (preferable Nevaeh’s matcha – Shameless plug I know. But hey! we do carry the best sh** )

1 scoop of ice

1/2 cup of almond milk

1 whole banana

Pinch of flax seeds – (oatmeal toppings at Starbucks) 

Step 1:

Add in blender and blend. – Its that simple … Trust me.


I promise you if you ask anyone that worked at Starbucks during the 2000’s they will know what I’m talking about.