The 5 second rule - How to beat procrastination

On cold winter nights I like to finish off my long days with a cup of tea by the fire place and listen to audio books. I want to share with you an interesting concept in a book i'm reading now - well listening to right now. Its called the 5 second rule by Mel Robins. 

Some people have nasty habits such as smoking or nail biting. My nasty habit -Procrastination. Our brains are wired to take the easy way out. We know we have that email to reply to that paper we need to write or that basket of laundry that siting by the corner but instead we potato in bed and scroll thought our social media or watch Netflix. I want to let you in on a little but powerful secret that will change your life. Next time you think of doing a goal or have something you need to get done count back wards from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 before you get down to 1 physical get up and go do it. This powerful trick is scientifically proven and it works! Our brain will come up with ways to procrastinate after 5 seconds. By taking action in the first 5 seconds we don't allow time for our brain to come up with reason why not. I challenge you to get off my site, close this blog right now and do something you have been putting off for a  while. 5 , 4 ,3 ,2 GO GET IT!